8 Best Hex Shank Drill Bits [Reviews & Buying Guide]

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Whether you want to assemble furniture, drill a metal hole, or drive a screw into a wall, you’ll need the best hex shank drill bits to perform these tasks. There are drill bits that come with different types of shanks, and hex shank is one of them.

best hex shank drill bits
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The bits come with hexagonal-shaped shanks that are best suited for quick and high torque drilling. They are solidly constructed and pretty durable. You can find a good number of hex shank drill bits set in the market. Let’s see some of the finest options that can meet your needs.

Best Hex Shank Drill Bits Reviews

Here is our selected models. You don’t need to dive into the ocean of drill bits, we have picked the right hex shank drill bits for you.

1. INTOO Hex Shank Quick Change Impact Driver Drill Bit Set

Constructed with Classic HSS with titanium coating,theINTOO Drill Bit Setcomes with 13-pieces of durable and solid hex shank drill bits. The titanium coating improves wear-resistance and durability, resulting in longer drilling life.

The quick-change drill bit’s special plug hex shank is an upgraded version that performs better than a standard pressed hex shank. It prevents drills from peeling from the hex shank and keeps the hex shank locked effectively with the drill bits while drilling.

The featured 135° split point not only offers good cutting speed but also prevents the drill bit from slipping when drilling. The 1/4–inch quick-change hex shank of the bits fits well with all power tools.

They can lock into quick-change chucks securely. This set can be widely used in wood, metal, aluminum, and plastic for construction use or repair workwhich makes it the best hex shank multi construction drill bits.

Highlighted Features:

  • Titanium coating increases the longevity and makes them long-lasting.
  • Features special plug hex shank that prevents peeling and keeps the hex shank locked in place.
  • Comes with 13-pieces of hex shank bits size ranging from 1/16-inch to ¼-inch.
  • Fits well with almost all power tools.

2. COMOWARE Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set

With the Comoware Titanium Twist drill bit set, you can drill into wood, metal, and plastic effortlessly. This set is featured with HSS construction and coated with titanium, which enhances their capability and durability.

The featured chatter-free design with spaced cutting teeth ensures accurate countersink and a smooth, clean hole. Plus, the cutting edges of the bits have been horned and hardened for sharpness.

For a smoother and fast drilling process and reduced friction, the bits are featured with 2 flutes form that also keeps the chip clear and prevents debris from the bits.

With the split point tip and twist design, the bit ensures smooth and clear holes. The ¼-inch hex shanks securely and easily fit into all power tools. Organizing the bits is quite convenient as this set comes with a holder which includes a size index. 

Highlighted Features:

  • High-quality HSS construction with titanium coating offers long service life.
  • Features twist design with split point tip that ensures high cutting speed and prevents walking.
  • Suitable for plastic, sheet metal, and wood.
  • Comes with an organized holder for easy storage.

3. NEIKO 11402A Stubby Drill Bit Set for Metal

The 5-piece Stubby drill bits from Neikoare made with quality and heavy-duty Molybdenum M2 high-speed steel with uniformly spaced carbides for wear resistance throughout multiple uses.Every time you use it, the drill bit stays sharp.

The 135-degree angle drill bit point allows for precise and efficient penetration of metals, plastics, and other hard surfaces. These drill bits have a 1/4″ hex shank, making them ideal for use with rapid shift drill chucks. So they provide versatility in drilling needs.

The stubby bits included in this set measure from 1.9 to 2.32-inches, it is the best drill bit set for tight and hard-to-reach spaces and works well with right angle drills. The sharp edges of the bits help in drilling perfect and clean holes.

With the set, there is a bit holder where each bit size is labeled for easy identification. So storing the bits is quite convenient after completing your work.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made with molybdenum HSS steel that keeps the drill bits durable and sharp throughout multiple uses.
  • Features sharp drilling point – great for drilling hard plastics and metal.
  • The ¼-inch hex shank allows easy and quick swap.
  • Best for working in hard-to-reach and narrow places.

4. Tooluxe 10055L Titanium Coated Hex Shank Drill Bit Set

Cut through tough wood, plastic, and metal with the Tooluxe 10055L Titanium Coated Hex Shank Drill Bit Set. The premium high-speed steel combined with titanium coating makes the bits long-lasting even after multiple uses.

You can use these bits with power drills, drivers, and stationary drill presses. The drill bit comes with sharp edges that allow for faster penetration and makes the bits versatile enough for various applications such as repair, construction, and even automotive.

These bits come with a ¼-inch quick-change shank, which fits into both quick-release chucks and hex sleeves, also other power drills and quick change adaptors. The 30 pieces of bits range from 1/16-inch to ½-inch in size.

All the bits come organized in a solid blow-molded case, which makes it easier in transporting the bits from one job location to another. The size of each bit is labeled for easy identification.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features a twist design with a 135-degree split point for faster and efficient drilling.
  • Included ¼-inch hex shank fits securely into any power drills.
  • Ideal for a wider range of applications.
  • Each bit is labeled for identifying the right size quickly.

5. Zuoyou 13pcs HSS Titanium Coated Twist Drills Bit Set

Getting through hard materials becomes easy by using the Zuoyou twist drill bit set. These highly durable bits can resist dulling, stalling, and chipping after multiple uses thanks to its premium HSS construction with titanium coating.

The 13-pieces of drill bits can effortlessly drill through hard steel without leaving any mess. The design of the bits offers self-centering and increases cutting speed while preventing walking while drilling.

You don’t have to use any tools while changing the bits. The bits come with ¼-inch hex shanks that allow quick change of the drill bits. You can fit them into cordless screwdrivers, power drills, etc.

Identifying the right-sized bit for your task is easy as the sizes of the bits are labeled on the body of each bit. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Highly durable- comes with classic HSS construction with titanium coating.
  • Clears chips and particles faster when drilling.
  • Featured hex shank allows quick change of drill bits.
  • Penetrates through hard materials to make perfect holes.

6. ABN Quick-Change 1/4in Hex Shank 30-Piece Set

For basic jobs and DIY projects, you will requirethe best quality hex shank drill bits. This quick-change hex shank drill bit set by ABN is totally what you need. It comes with 30-pieces of various sized drill bits, which longs laster than other drill bits as they are titanium-coated from high-speed steel.

These drill bits are compatible with high-powered stationary drill tools and quick change adapters. You can change the bits swiftly without any tool as the ¼-inch hex shank allows quick change. The sharp edges of the bits penetrate fast through the wood, plastics, aluminum, and metal.

Drill bits in this set are ranging from 1/16-inch to ½-inch, ideal for use in industrial, automobile, and construction works. You can carry the bits with ease as it comes in a heavy-duty blow-molded plastic carrying case with an easy-to-carry handle.

Highlighted Features:

  • Titanium coating with HSS construction gives the bits long-lasting durability.
  • Penetrates quickly through hard materials as they come with sharp edges.
  • Works with high-powered drill tools and quick change adapters.
  • Easy portability with the plastic carrying case.

7. MakerAA 16 PCS Hex Shank Drill Bit Set

The MakerAA shop’s 16pcs hex shank drill bit setwill meet all your daily needs. It comes with 13 most commonly used bit sizes ranging from 1.5mm to 6.5mm. Moreover, with this set, you get three more bits, sized 1.5mm, 2.0mm, and 2.5mm, absolutely free.

The bits come with excellent durability and wear resistance as they are coated with titanium and constructed with HSS steel. They have an innovative design that helps to remove debris and chips from the bits and minimizes friction and heat. Therefore, the drilling process is cooler and faster.

The staggered cutting teeth and jitter-free design of the bits ensure smooth and precise holes. You can fit the ¼-inch quick change hex handle safely into any power drills and there will be no risk of walking or falling.

This hex shank drill set is not suitable for ceramic or glass. The small bits can be used on steel, soft metal, plastic, etc.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features unique design fora cooler and smooth drilling process.
  • Cutting edges remains sharp even after multiple uses.
  • They can be quickly locked and removed.
  • Suitable for use in plastic, soft metal, wood, and aluminum.

8. Segomo Tools 13 Piece 1/4 Inch Hex Shank Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set

For drilling through carbon steel, wood, rubber, PVC, sheet steel, you will require a durable and solid drill bit. The Segomo Tools twist drill bit setcomes with long service life and excellent durability as they are made from Classic High-speed steel and titanium coating.

Even if you use them multiple times, they won’t deform. The twist and 2 flutes design of the bits helps in delivering a cooler and faster drilling process, plus removes out particles to make cleaner and smoother holes.

The sharpened cutting edges with staggered cutting teeth ensure cleaner and smoother holes without leaving any rough sides. The 135-degree angled points ensure increased cutting speed too.

These bitslock into the quick change chuck securely.You can fit the 13-pieces of drill bits with ease into any power drills.

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers ultimate durability and long service life.
  • Comes with a twist design and 2 flutes form to make a clean hole.
  • Delivers increased cutting speed and maximum sharpness.
  • Fits in the quick change chuck quite easily.

Decision Making

The above-mentioned drill bit sets are some of the hex shank drill bits in the market. They come with amazing durability and functionality that allows you to use them for a long time. If you want something, which comes with a wide number of drill bits, then I recommend the INTOO Drill Bit Set 13 Piece, as the bits can be used for multiple purposes.

You can use this set for making clean holes on metal, steel, and wood. And if you want a set with a fewer number of drill bits, then try the NEIKO 5pc Drill Bit Set. The sizes of the bits are quite common and are best for DIY and home repairuses.

What does shank mean?

A shank is a long part of the bit that connects the bit with the drill. It is the part of the drill bit, which is inserted into the drill machine. It is held by the chuck of the drill to stay in place.

A shank exists in every drill bit. If there is no shank in a drill bit, then you cannot connect the bit with any tool. There are 6 common types of shanks available. They are Hex Shank, triangle shank, straight shank, SDS shank, Morse tapered shank, and brace shank.

These shanks are different from each other in design, but they exist for the same purpose, that is for connecting the drill bit with the chuck.

What is a hex shank bit?

A hex shank drill bit is a device used for construction and repair uses. It can be used with a drill or any other rotating machine. A hex shank bit features six flat sides that hold onto the chuck of the drill. This shank bit also works for high torque applications.

This shank type doesn’t slip from the machine when cutting and it fits in some screw-type drivers. It can be held by a 3-jaw chuck drill or can be grasped by chucks made specifically for hex shanks.

What are hex shank drill bits used for?

Hex shank drill bitsare great for drilling hard materials as they don’t slip easily and rotates and cuts quite fast. They can be used for constructing or disassembling furniture. You can use them on metal, wood, steel, plastic, PVC, etc.

What are the best quality drill bits?

The drill bits made with solid metal are quite long-lasting and make holes in a harder material with ease. High-quality drill bits are durable and come with different-sized pieces of bits with which you can make holes of various sizes.

Some of the best quality drill bits are COMOWARE Drill Bit Set, NEIKO 11402A Stubby Drill Bit Set, ABN Hex Shank Drill Bit, and more.

What is the difference between hex shank and straight shank?

The difference between these two types of shanks is the shape. A hex shank bit comes with hexagonal flat sides, while a straight shank bit features a cylindrical tip. A straight shank remains in the center and doesn’t wobble, while there are chances of wobbling when using a hex shank bit.

You can use a straight shank bit in almost every drill machine, but a hex shank bit can be used only in certain types of drill machines that come with chucks designed for it. Bits with hex shanks can drill hard materials, but bits with straight shanks cannot, as they can be used for low torque application.